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In the NBA, we saw a wild weekend of action.  Since the Oklahoma Thunder are now completely reliant on Kevin Durant, the Memphis Grizzlies were able to overpower them in Game 3 to take a 2-1 lead in the series.  Some of the NBA experts are saying that now Durant is finally getting a taste of what LeBron had to deal with in Cleveland: a superstar playing along a group of players WITHOUT another all-star.  Durant actually has it better than LeBron because he still has Serge Ibaka and Kevin Martin.  LeBron didn’t have much besides Mo Williams, who clearly was able to put the all-star moniker next to his name ONLY because LeBron made him look so good.  If the Thunder don’t grab at least one game in Memphis, they may be down for the count.   Memphis 87, OKC 81.

And in Indiana, the Pacers are slowly figuring out the key to beating the Knicks.  New York relies heavily on their 3-point shot.  Between Anthony Carmelo, Ray Felton, J.R. Smith, and Jason Kidd, they can put up points in bunches.  But the Pacers did an excellent job of defending the three in Game 3, and pulled out to a commanding lead that would eventually guide them to a victory.  The Pacers are gelling right now behind the solid play of Paul George and Roy Hibbert, but the Knicks are still a tenacious bunch, and won’t go down easy.   But, like OKC, they definitely need to grab Game 4 if they want to survive.  Indiana 82, New York 71.

And in Golden State, the Warriors were looking to even up the series on Sunday against the San Antonio Spurs. This has been a strange series for the Warriors.  They actually should be up 2 games to 1, but since they blew that lead in Game 1 (letting the Spurs come back from 16 points), they now find themselves down 2-1, even though they are seemingly playing better basketball.  They needed to win Game 4 if they still wanted a chance to win this series.  Fortunately, Stephen Curry had another awesome game, even hitting some clutch shots that helped send the game to overtime.  And in OT, the Warriors simply smashed the Spurs — almost shutting them out even.  With the win, the series is even and heads back to San Antonio.  Golden State 97, San Antonio 87.



Even though Tiger Woods couldn’t grab the extra strokes he needed to take the Masters in April, he still is playing at a super high level, and headed into the Players Championship on Sunday hoping to grab the win.  It came down to a duel between him and Sergio Garcia, and that is not a place any golfer wants to be.  Tiger is at his best when the tournament becomes practically a one-on-one challenge. Sergio Garcia couldn’t hold on, and Tiger won his 4th title of the year.

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