The Seattle Mariners are in negotiations to re-ink Felix Hernandez, their ace and Cy Young award pitcher, to a 7-year deal that would pay “King Felix” $175 million dollars.  It’s one of the most lucrative contracts for a pitcher in baseball history.  However, sources close to the team have said that there may be an issue with Hernandez’s pitching elbow.  When you are set to pay someone that much money, they basically become a product, subject to many rigorous physical tests to ensure that they’re not “damaged”.  There may be a problem with Felix’s elbow and that has put the deal on hold.  Can you imagine being so close to $175 million, but one medical test could void it.  Just a crazy situation.


In the NBA, the Lakers are doing their best to try and get into the playoffs.  They are 4 games behind the 8-spot and have been on a very long, 7-game road trip on account of the Grammys being set up in Los Angeles.  The trip didn’t go so badly, as they picked up some much needed wins, but they hoped to cap it off with a win against Miami.  It’s not exactly the easiest thing to come into LeBron’s house and grab a win.  The Lakers were up for a while, but LeBron and Wade were just too much, launching a monster comeback in the 4th quarter to take a huge lead.  With the loss, it’s just getting harder and harder for the Lakeshow to grab the playoff spot.  Miami 107, LA Lakers 97.


Finally, in the NFL, some more staffing changes, as one of the famous faces on the Cowboys sideline, Rob Ryan (brother of Jets head coach Rex Ryan) is going to be strolling the sidelines in New Orleans as Saints defensive coordinator.  The Saints defense certainly left a lot to be desired last season, but if they can have a good draft, and get a threatening defense, they would be hard to stop given their super powered offense.  Elsewhere in the NFL, former (disgraced) Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who was behind the Saints bounty program of hurting players for money, also got a job.  He sat out a year on suspension, but the Titans, who are looking to turn things around next season, decided to give him another shot as defensive coordinator.  He may not be the most ethical guy, but he does know defense, and sometimes that’s all the guys controlling the money care about.

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