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In more Super Bowl news, even though the Ravens won, there is still competition in Super Bowl TV ratings.  That’s right — the game itself is competing against past Super Bowls for viewership.  Unfortunately, the Ravens/49ers match-up is just the third most watched Super Bowl ever.  The reigning champ is still last year’s battle between the Patriots and the Giants.  And in second place, the year prior between the Packers and the Steelers.  The Ravens/49ers game was still watched by 108 million people, but the ultimate gift of the ‘most viewed’ Super Bowl likely fell short when the Ravens were blowing out the 49ers 28-6 and the power went out.  People probably got bored and turned off their TV’s, and never returned.  Still, it’s the third most-watched television event in history, so that’s pretty good (and good for the expensive TV ads airing).

Ravens’ Quarterback Joe Flacco, celebrated his Super Bowl MVP award as all MVPs do… by going to Disney World.  Flacco uttered the “I’m going to Disney World” at the game Sunday night, and Monday stayed true to his promise.  He was the guest of honor in a huge parade thrown at Disney World.  Even though Flacco doesn’t show much emotion, he managed to grin ear to ear on his float.  And, who wouldn’t be smiling in the “Happiest Place on Earth” (according to Disney)  and, oh, yeah, he also just won the biggest football game of his life and was voted MVP.

With the Super Bowl over, and the country still craving more football, the addiction has now shifted to college football recruiting.  That’s right, signing day has become a televised event, when the top recruits in the nation pick which school they will play for.  And in the first major news, it looks like prize linebacker recruit Reuben Foster has selected Alabama… for now that is.  What does that mean?  Well, Foster had committed to Alabama last year, but then shifted over to Auburn for a few months, but now that Auburn has fired coach Gene Chizik, Foster has shifted back over to Alabama.  These recruits carry a lot of power, and even though they don’t get paid, they will certainly ensure that the school makes millions in television revenue.

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