The day we’ve all been waiting for was finally here:  Super Bowl Sunday.  It was the much anticipated match-up between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.  Going into the game, the 49ers were a 4-point favorite, and everybody thought they were going to run away with the game.  However, the Ravens have been huge underdogs in their past two games against the Broncos and the Patriots.  In those match-ups, not only did they cover the spread… they won the game (obviously).  So why did they still get no respect?  Well, it’s basically the fervor that’s behind the Niners.  They’re the cool, young team with swagger, and most people were going for them.

But, as soon as the game started, it was all Ravens.  The Ravens got a touchdown almost immediately, and then found themselves up 14-3 mid way through the second quarter.  If that wasn’t enough, close to the end of the half, Flacco hit Jacoby Jones for a long bomb, who did a fancy spin to get into the end zone.  And what was supposed to be a close game, turned into a 21-6 blowout.

Then, Beyonce came out and did her thing, and we were treated to a brief, greatest hits reunion show with her old group Destiny’s Child.  And they sounded pretty good.  Just a fantastic half time show.  The Ravens got the ball to start the 2nd half, and the Niners needed to do something to stop them and shift the momentum.  They wouldn’t get that, as Jacoby Jones ran back an impressive kickoff to put the Ravens up 28-6.  This thing was a slaughter and everything was going the Ravens way, until… half the lights in the stadium went down.

There was a 40 minute delay in the game, that not only made most Super Bowl parties lethargic, but also the players lethargic — some were seen yawning on the sidelines.  Ravens coach John Harbaugh was furious about this because it was killing all the Ravens momentum.  And boy was he right, because when the lights came back on, it was all 49ers.  They caused fumbles, and got within 5 points in the 3rd quarter alone, setting up a very exciting 4th quarter.

The Niners found themselves with a chance to win — all they needed was about 7 yards in 4 downs, but the sturdy Ravens defense held them from getting into the end zone.  It was a remarkable goal line stand.  And with that, the Ravens were able to hang on and capture the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  At the end of the game, John Harbaugh (Ravens) met his brother Jim Harbaugh (Niners) midfield and said he loved him.  Jim said congratulations, and that was the end of the Harbaugh Bowl.  Ray Lewis played his last game as a Raven, and went out a Super Bowl Champion.

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