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With the New York Knicks actually becoming a formidable team, the rivalry between the Bulls and the Knicks can be refueled. As the Bulls and Knicks square off on Christmas Day, will Derrick Rose shine in the spotlight or will Amare Stoudemire steal it from him at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden?

But even as big of a duel as the Knicks and Bulls is finally becoming, the two bigger matchups are that of Orlando taking on Boston and Miami making the trip out to Los Angeles. After wheeling and dealing, the Orlando Magic seem as though they are trying to keep up with the elite of the Eastern conference shifting from a defensive minded team to a more offensive mentality. This test for the Magic may seem too much before the players gel together as one team, but what a Christmas gift it would be to Magic fans to pull off the win against the staple in the Eastern conference over the past few years.

And finally we come to the Lakers and Heat. Kobe and Pau vs. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. Lebron talks the match up down to be just another regular season game, but even though there’s nothing directly on the line, they all know its bigger than normal. The early stages of tradition have the NBA playing some of its best matchups on Christmas Day. Do the hot and streaking Heat have enough of a team concept to keep up with the defending champs? Dwayne Wade, who was doubtful to play against the Lakers, will play.

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