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OMG…that’s about the only thing you can say after the Giants disintegrated in the last few minutes of the game Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. So many shockers in this game, it’s hard to even fathom. In the fourth quarter the Giants seemed to have a comfortable 31-10 lead. With a miserable defensive showing, the Eagles fought back to 31-17. Then the Eagles’ kicker David Akers made an onside kick with only 7:43 left on the time clock. The kick was recovered by the Eagles and then after that, everything went downhill for the Giants. Philly QB Michael Vick easily ran into the endzone to make the game 31-24. After Vick got the ball back again, he marched down the field and tied up the game with a pass to Jeremy Maclin. What happened next will go down as one of the greatest blunders in Giant’s history. Giant’s Coach Tom Coughlin told rookie punter Matt Dodge to punt the ball out of bounds…and particularly away from the Eagles star kick returner, DeSean Jackson. Unfortunately that message didn’t register because the kick was a line drive directly to DeSean and the rest is history. Jackson ran the ball 65 yards for the game winning TD as time ran out on the clock.

This game will be talked about for ages to come. People are still talking about the infamous “Fumble” in 1978 when the Giants were leading the Eagles (yes, same team) 17-12 with only 31 seconds to play. All they needed to do was run out the clock but the hand off to Larry Csonka bounced off his hip and the Eagles’ Herm Edwards ran the ball into the endzone to win the game.

Jets win at Pitssburgh

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