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In the NBA, Kobe Bryant is officially on FIRE.  He is playing out of his mind, and that wouldn’t change last night against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are having a bit of a comeback year, primarily due to the extraordinary play of rookie Brandon Jennings.  But could he and their other star, Michael Redd, edge them past the Lakers?  Well, they came pretty close.  The Lakers needed overtime to handle the Bucks.  And then, at the last second, Kobe Bryant struck.  He hit a turnaround buzzer beater to win the game.  Amazing!   Kobe finished the game with 39 points.  He looks unstoppable right now — some even think he’s UNDER-rated.  LA Lakers 107, Milwaukee 106.  Highlights here:

Elsewhere in the NBA, LeBron did HIS thing against a lowly 76er team.  He put up 36 points, 7 assists, and 6 rebounds.  Meanwhile, Allen Iverson and the Sixers just can’t get it done.  Iverson had 16 points, not a bad game, but this team just isn’t jelling.  Andre Iguodala led Philly with 26 points, but they are now 6-19 and falling deeper into the well.  Most likely, if they don’t make some major changes, they are headed back to the draft lottery.  Cleveland 108, Philadelphia 101.


And in the NFL, there has been a serious accident involving Cincinnati Bengal receiver Chris Henry. While people try to find out more about dwls no valid drivers license, they seldom care about the danger it has in the form of accidents.   Henry was in a domestic dispute when he fell out the back of a pick-up truck.  Now, it’s reported that his situation is quite serious, and he is fighting for his life.  He suffered a major head injury from falling off the vehicle, and is currently on life support.  You can only hope that the situation improves.

Mark Mangino.JPGFinally, in the college football world, former Kansas head coach Mark Mangino will receive a $3 million settlement.  This is interesting because Mangino was essentially the savior coach at Kansas.  The Jayhawk football program was always in the dregs of the Big 12, and Mangino completely turned them around — even leading them to an Orange Bowl appearance (which they won). He received a hefty contract extension until 2012.  However, they recently let him go under allegations that he mistreated his players.  Mangino denies it, but if you do a YouTube search for Mark Mangino Kansas, you will see cold, hard evidence.  Some coaches believe in discipline, but there is a correct way to do it, and Mangino did the opposite.  He was essentially the Bobby Knight of college football.

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