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In the NBA, it looks like Allen Iverson’s career might not be over.  Last week he retired from basketball because, simply, he couldn’t find a job; no team wanted him.  Well, he has been having some closed door talks with the Philadelphia 76ers (the team he made his name with), and they are offering him a 1-year contract.  Iverson hasn’t taken it yet, but this reunion sure is exciting.  If there’s any team for Iverson to make a heroic exit with, it’s the Sixers.  They have a nice young team, and he could be the leadership they need.

In college basketball the rematch of last year’s National Championship game between the #11 North Carolina Tar Heels and the #9 Michigan State Spartans proved exciting.  These teams have quite different rosters than last season, but the coaches, Tom Izzo (State) and Roy Williams (UNC) remain the same.  The game was at North Carolina, and that should tell you something.  The Tar Heels were all over the Spartans in the first half, and Ed Davis was the hero (22 points on the night).  In the second, State’s Raymar Morgan put up a nice effort, even slamming home a beautiful dunk, but the TarHeels were just too much.  UNC 89, Michigan State 82.


Tiger and ElinIn the Tiger Woods drama, the latest is that the police have ruled that no alcohol was involved in his car crash, but he will be issued a fine of $164 and four points against his license.  However, there appears to be a new conspiracy to the story involving a night club waitress who said she’s been having an affair with Woods.  Perhaps this story is coincidental to his high press right now, and not too many details are known, but people sure are curious.  The police have said they are done with the case, but the tabloids are all over this story.  Expect to hear about it on TMZ for awhile…or until some other athlete gets in trouble.

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