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Japan Beat Team USA In World Baseball Classic, Anderson Replacing Pitino, Pitino Heading To St. Johns, Cooley Replacing Ewing, Magic Johnson Joins Harris


Japan beat Team USA in the much-hyped World Baseball Classic Championship. The tournament did not disappoint, and the final moment when Los Angeles Angels’ teammates Shohei Ohtani (representing Japan) struck out Mike Trout added to the drama. After Japan’s 3-2 victory, Ohtani said, “I believe this is the best moment in my life.”


In some big coaching news, Tobin Anderson is leaving Fairleigh Dickinson (after the team’s historic Cinderella run in the NCAA tournament) and replacing Rick Pitino at Ion. Pitino will be taking over at St. Johns. And, Georgetown hired former Providence coach Ed Cooley to take over for a fired Patrick Ewing.

NBA Superstar Magic Johnson joined the investment group led by Josh Harris in an effort to buy the Washington Commanders. The group is attempting to reach a deal before the NFL’s annual league meeting on Sunday.



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