Aaron Rodgers Emerges From Darkness Retreat, MLB Rule Changes Shortens Game


Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers emerged from his Sky Cave darkness retreat where he immersed himself in order to figure out what his future holds….staying with the Packers or exiting the NFL for other pursuits. According to reports, the Sky Cave Retreat in Oregon is booked for the next 18 months at $1750 a week. Guests go underground and stay in rooms with no light and only a bed, bathroom, floor mat, and meal delivery once a day.


Major League Baseball made some big rule changes in the off-season to quicken the pace of games. Before the game clock rule change, the average time of a spring training game was a little over 3 hours. Now, the spring training games are 23 minutes faster. The only problem is there was some confusion over the weekend when a game ended in a tie due to a pitch clock violation.


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