Super Bowl 3rd Most Watched Program, Mahomes To Disneyland, Most Valuable Partier Travis Kelce, Musk Likes United, Jeter Joining Fox


With an estimated 113 million viewers, Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles was the third most-watched television program in history. Super Bowl XLIX between the Patriots and Seahawks still ranks the highest with 114.4 million viewers. Rihanna’s halftime performance brought the numbers up, however, with 118.7 million viewers tuning in.

As is tradition, the MVP of the Super Bowl goes to Disneyland.  Patrick Mahomes was there with his family on Monday, then made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that evening. Kimmel asked who is the Most Valuable Partier, and Mahomes answered “That’s the easiest. Travis Kelce. Everybody knows that.”


According to reports, Elon Musk is considering making a bid for Manchester United. Musk has referenced in the past that if he were to buy a sports team, he would consider buying United because it was his favorite team as a kid.


Derek Jeter is joining Fox’s MLB broadcasting team and will reunite with his former teammate Alex Rodriguez.


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