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A’s Price Suite Packages In Cryptocurrency, March Madness Begins, NFL League Year Begins


The Oakland Athletics announced they will accept one bitcoin as payment for their full-season luxury-suite packages. The cryptocurrency was worth close to $60,000 (a record high as of Sunday), but if a buyer wanted to purchase the suite package in cash, that would cost $65,000. A’s President Dave Kaval said, “We invite our fans to become the first bitcoin suite holders in sports. We’re excited to be one of a handful of teams to accept cryptocurrency for payment and the first to price tickets in crypto instead of U.S. currency. The price of a season suite may fluctuate depending on when it’s purchased, which adds to the excitement! Suites are the perfect way for groups who want to safely socially distance themselves from other fans to enjoy A’s baseball this season.” Learn how to Make profitable trades in crypto by the help of experts who can guide you the right way.


The NCAA tournament begins today with four play-in games, so if you haven’t filled out a bracket yet, do so immediately.


The NFL league year officially began on Wednesday, so all of the free-agent contracts can now be officially signed.


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