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Davis $190 Mill To Stay With Lakers, Knight Commission Suggests Removing FBS, “Greeny” Replaces Le Batard’s Show


Not long after LeBron signed his massive deal with the LA Lakers, teammate Anthony Davis agreed to a five-year $190 million contract.


The Knight Commission, a group of college athletic leaders, spent the year studying how to best repair the NCAA’s “broken governance model”. Their suggestion is to remove the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) from the rest of the NCAA and allow it to govern itself. The FBS produces more money than the rest of college sports and has the College Football Playoff which on its own generates more than $600 million yearly.


There is a new shakeup at ESPN with the announcement that longtime radio host Dan Le Batard will leave the network on January 4th. Mike Greenberg’s show “Greeny” will replace The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz at 10:00 am-noon ET.


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