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Pac-12 Players List Of Demands, Hawk-Eye Live, Cespedes Sit Out Season


A group of Pac-12 football players are threatening to sit out the upcoming season unless the Conference addresses their concerns. The list of demands include:

  1. Increase in health and safety protocols and protections including medical insurance for six years post-eligibility
  2. Commitment to social justice issues including a special task force
  3. Redistribution of revenue, specifically 50% of each sport’s revenues evenly distributed among athletes


We will see major technological innovations throughout the sporting world over the next few months and years. One such innovation, called Hawk-Eye Live, will replace line judges at tennis tournaments with an automated system. The U.S. Open (August 31st-September 13th) will use this system.


The New York Mets announced Yoenis Cespedes will opt-out of the season due to concerns over COVID-19. Many players are deciding to opt-out of their season, but Cespedes did it in an unusual (and seemingly disrespectful way).  Over the weekend, Cespedes did not show up for the game against the Atlanta Braves. The team sent security to his hotel room and found the room completely cleared out. Cespedes did not tell anyone he was leaving, sparking speculation he’s upset with the team for his lack of adequate playing time.


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