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NFL Move To Shrink Preseason Games, Murray Flawless, Browns Player Talks Way On To Team And Scores TD


We’re in the first week of the NFL preseason’s four-week schedule. It’s a great chance for teams to get practice before the regular season begins, but most of the high profile stars aren’t playing full games for fear of injury. In fact, there’s a move to shrink the number of games in the preseason. According to a member of the NFL’s competition committee, Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy, “The reality is that the preseason is changing pretty rapidly. The quality is not good, and it’s changing for the worse in terms of the quality of games. Even if you went to two [per team], I still think with the salaries that we’re paying, that people will be just reluctant to expose players to injuries. So you would have to figure out how much preseason you need to develop and evaluate young players. Veterans just don’t need it.”

Even though most of the star athletes only took a few snaps, there were some standout performances. The number one pick in the NFL, Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Kyler Murray, had an almost flawless debut going 6 for 7 for 44 yards in a 17-13 win over the Los Angeles Chargers. The New York Giants controversial #6th pick in the draft, Daniel Jones, had a solid drive with a touchdown and no incompletions to beat the New York Jets 31-22.

One of the best stories of the preseason was Sheehy-Giuseppi earning a spot on the Cleveland Browns roster by pretending to know the VP of player personnel. He made the story even better this weekend by catching an 86-yard punt return touchdown in the Browns’ 30-10 win over the Washington Redskins.


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