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Michigan State Ousts Duke, Auburn OT Victory Over Kentucky, Texas Tech & Virginia Round Out Final Four, Luck Marries College Sweetheart


An exciting weekend and some big upsets in the NCAA tournament.  Michigan State beat #1 seed Duke and advanced to its first Final Four appearance since 2015 (their 10th all-time).  Michigan State’s Kenny Goins, a redshirt senior who was a walk-on, shot the three-pointer that sealed the win. According to NBA Legend and Michigan State alum, Magic Johnson, “College basketball won today. You see the team that’s been together for a long time win, and maybe that will help guys to say ‘well, I’m OK to stay, maybe I’ve got to work on my talent and my game.’ Because Michigan State (has) got a team full of those guys, and they did OK today.” Michigan State 68, Duke 67

In other NCAA Final Four news, #5 Auburn overcame #2 Kentucky 77-71 in a thrilling overtime victory, clinching its first final four berth in school history.

Rounding out the semis is Texas Tech and Virginia.

On Saturday, April 6th In Minneapolis, Virginia will face Auburn at 6:09 pm EST and Michigan State vs Texas Tech at 8:49 pm. EST.


Over the weekend in Prague, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck married his longtime girlfriend Nicole Pechanec. Luck and Pechanec were both elite athletes and classmates at Stanford University. Pechanec was captain of the gymnastics team and represented the Czech national team in the World Games and European Championships.

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