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Ohio State Wins Rose Bowl, Urban Meyer’s Last Game, UT’s Mascot Sets Stage For Sugar Bowl Win


Ohio State beat the Washington Huskies 28-23 Monday afternoon in Pasadena, CA at the Rose Bowl. The game is usually played on New Years Day (with some exceptions) and with much hype, as the Rose Bowl is the oldest of all the bowl games. Ohio State won 28-23, but the big story during the celebration after the game was the controversy over the Buckeyes Head Coach Urban Meyer. Meyer was suspended for the first three games this season over how he handled (or more appropriately) failed to handle domestic violence allegations against his assistant coach. Meyer officially retired after the game (due to health reasons), but many are upset that he’s being celebrated and lionized. He is also ironically going to be teaching a business course at Ohio State on character and leadership.

In another January 1st bowl game, the University of Texas took on the Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl. The matchup was exciting even before the game began. During the pre-game festivities, Bevo, UT’s steer mascot charged through a fence and tried to attack Georgia’s mascot, a bulldog named Uga X. No one was hurt, but a few people were knocked down. During the game, the University of Texas’ quarterback Sam Ehlinger marched his team to victory after running for three touchdowns. Texas 28, Georgia 21.




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