After a shaky start, the San Francisco Giants are headed to the World Series!!!! In a drubbing that threatened to get rained out, the Giants trounced the St. Louis Cardinals. The Giant’s Hunter Pence had one of the most entertaining moments of the night with his broken bat double play. Giants 9, Cardinals 0.

Stay tuned for the first game of the World Series. October 24th. Detroit at San Francisco. 8:07 pm ET.


In the NFL, coming off a bye week next week, the Chiefs will be looking to hopefully be a presentable team, one that doesn’t get smashed.  The are a very discombobulated organization right now, and the easiest way to make a change that the public will notice is to switch up the starting quarterback. Everybody loves to blame the quarterback for the team’s woes (not considering the play-calling, defense, or offensive line), but it is the highest profile position and that comes with title. So the Cheifs are benching their starting quarterback and team captain Matt Cassell in favor of their back-up Brady Quinn.  Quinn has had a rather lackluster NFL career so far and is on a one-year contract with the team, while Cassell is signed for a lucrative long-term deal and is also the team captain.  Benching the team captain is a suspicious move, but they have to do what they have to do.

Elsewhere in the NFL, fans were wondering what happened in the heated exchange between Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and Giants running-back Ahmad Bradshaw.  The two were seen yelling at each other on the sideline, and then the Giants running-back coach got in Bradshaw’s face and yelled at him as punishment.  Well, as the air is clearing, it appears that the spat was over Bradshaw screaming at Coughlin to “Run The Ball!”.  Clearly every back wants to “run the ball”, but, at the end of the day, it’s up to the coaching staff.  Bradshaw also took heat for slapping wide receiver Victor Cruz hard on the back of the helmet.  Apparently, this was because Bradshaw broke for a run, and thought that Cruz missed his block that would have led to more of a yardage gain.  Giants tight end Martellus Bennett said that that’s just Ahmad being Ahmad — that he’s intense in the locker room, the steam room, at breakfast, everywhere really.  Either way, the Giants still came away from that game with a win.


Finally, in the NBA, after 11 seasons in the NBA, it looks like there is no home for Gilbert Arenas.  Arenas has had one of the most interesting careers.  He was highly touted coming out of the University of Arizona, played a little in Golden State, until he established that he was an emerging star. The Washington Wizards paid him handsomely, and for roughly 3 seasons in the the middle of the last decade, Arenas was one of the best players in the NBA.  He did stuff that even Kobe Bryant didn’t do.  Arenas was also responsible for leading the Wizards to 3 consecutive playoff appearances, and even got them into the second round.  Then, that horrible incident happened where he pulled a gun out in practice.  He was suspended for the entire 2009/2010 season and then headed to Memphis where he was merely a bench role player.  Now, nobody wants to sign him and he’s headed to China.  This is more for the money than anything else, and it looks like the last step in a very mysterious career.

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