After one of the worst Red Sox seasons in the past 20 years, the Red Sox organization has decided to part ways with Bobby Valentine after just one year.  They originally hired Valentine to sooth the problems the Red Sox experienced during their 2011 pennant race.  It was a mess chemistry wise.  This season, the Red Sox did a mid-season dump that sent a lot of their staples to other teams.  Essentially, they’re trying to rebuild, and that rebuilding won’t take place with Bobby Valentine.  So now, there’s a very desirable coaching position open in baseball.  There are some interesting candidates out there — including Mike Lowell, former Red Sox hero and current Major League Baseball Analyst.  He might be a fan favorite.


In the NBA, there has been an ongoing feud between Shaquille O’ Neal and Dwight Howard.  O’Neal is often heard criticizing Howard for one reason or another.  Most think this is because Howard stole his nickname:  Superman.  That clearly irked Shaq, but now that Dwight Howard is on the Lakers, it almost feels like there’s a carbon copy out there in Los Angeles.  Two Supermans.  Well, Shaq continues to publicly be passive aggressive towards Howard.  Recently, he said that Howard was the third best center in the league, behind Andrew Bynum and Robin Lopez.  Shaq said they are more traditional centers, because they play with their back to the basket.  Howard has taken offense to this and has called out Shaq saying, “It’s time to move on”.  Howard said that Shaq played the game, he’s done, and now it’s time to move on.  Clearly, he had had enough. But given that Shaq is now a TV analyst — get ready for a lot more on-air criticism.

Finally, in the NBA, the Houston Rockets recently drafted big man Royce White from Iowa State with the 16th pick.  White is one of those freakish talents that needs some coaching to hone his game.  However, White hasn’t reported to training camp.  It’s not because White is holding out for a contract or anything of that nature, but rather he has an interesting dilemma: White suffers from a severe anxiety disorder that makes him afraid to fly.  He says he’s scared going to the airport, scared in the air, and feels like a million bucks when they touch ground.  Now it looks like the Rockets are setting up an alternative travel for him:  The bus.  White even says that he would pay for the bus, but added that he won’t be taking a bus to all the games, just the ones nearby (e.g. Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans, etc…).  White is working on his flying disorder, and will likely have to get on a plane when they go to play teams on the west and east coast.

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