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In the NBA, Team USA took on Spain in what was supposed to be a close match.  Remember, these two played for the Gold medal game back in 2008 (where we saw a young Ricky Rubio).  This team is without Rubio, and for this game, was without Marc Gasol.  But they did have Pau Gasol and Serge Ibaka.  Spain gave it their best effort, but U.S. was just too much for them to handle.  They got 27 points from Carmelo Anthony off the bench, and won big.  Going forward, Spain will still likely be Team USA’s biggest foe in these Olympics, but Team USA also has to make sure they don’t get cocky.  They need to play together, and keep their eye on the prize.  Remember, however, that these teams aren’t giving their best effort just yet.  Team USA could get upset.  Team USA 100, Spain 78.


And in football, after going to two Super Bowls and winning one, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was looking for a long term deal.  In the NFL there aren’t exactly long-term deals, as it’s more about ‘what have you done for me lately’.  But Tomlin has proved that he knows how to coach a professional football team, and has maintained the integrity of the Pittsburgh Steelers football program.  These guys are in contention every year, and even though they’re getting older, it’s likely they will return to the playoffs.  With that said, the Steelers have inked Tomlin as their head coach until 2016.  That takes a lot of pressure off a head coach and allows him to solely focus on coaching.  So when it’s all said and done, will Steeler fans view Tomlin a better coach than his predecessor Bill Cowher?

Finally, in college football, another one of Penn State’s penalties is actually good news for its players.  The NCAA has said that it is ok with Penn State players transferring to other schools WITHOUT penalty.  Usually, when a player wants to transfer, they have to sit out a year (as to dissuade them from doing it).  But now players can go anywhere they want and play right away.  According to sources, Penn State is doing whatever it can to keep its existing talent so they at least have a passable product to show this season.  But it’s been said that the Univ. of Georgia is going to pick them for talent to fill in some holes.  Georgia is a team trying to get over the hump, and with Alabama and LSU slightly weaker this season, the Bulldogs might have a shot.  We’ll see whose left standing at Penn State when the season starts.

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