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Teen swimming sensation Missy Franklin hoped to win gold in the 100m backstroke.  Missy Franklin is just a High School student that happens to be one of the best swimmers in the world.  She has been approached by numerous brands hoping that she would endorse their products for a handsome sum.  But, Missy has declined all the offers because she wants to maintain her status as a High School athlete competing in swimming competitions around the country.  Plus, she wants to be able to be a collegiate athlete, and you can’t do that if you take money.  She just loves swimming and was very easy to root for.  And in her race, she started out neck and neck with the others, but in the end, she put out that extra hand length to capture the gold.

Elsewhere in swimming, Ryan Lochte hoped to capture another medal in the 200m freestyle.  Lochte had high hopes for these Olympics, ideally aspiring to become the new face of swimming for the U.S. (over Michael Phleps).  But to do that, you have to win medals.  In the men’s relay, Lochte had the anchor position, but lost at the very end to the ultra-fast Yannick Agnel from France.  Unfortunately for Lochte, Agnel was in this event.  Lochte got out to a decent start, but started to fade a bit.  And down the stretch, Agnel turned on the juice again and surged past the crowd to an easy gold medal victory.  This guy is simply amazing.  Bummer for Lochte, but he still has some more races to go.

And in men’s gymnastics, the United States were hoping that they could pull it together and take home gold in the team competition.  That’s when they do all six men’s events, with their top 3 in each event.  This wouldn’t prove easy, as the Chinese and Japanese were heavy favorites for the gold, but you never know what can happen.  Unfortunately for the U.S., the team just couldn’t keep it together.  They seemed rattled all night, and were losing their balance and even falling in some events.  Tears were shed by the team — it just wasn’t their night.  Even the Japanese hero Kochi Uchimura made mistakes, slipping off the pommel horse.  The Chinese performed marvelously and took home the gold, the Japanese the silver, and Great Britain performed brilliantly, and miraculously grabbed the bronze in front of their home crowd.

Get ready for Day 4!

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