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Everybody knows that Albert Pujols agreed to sign with the Los Angeles Angels for, essentially, the rest of his career, but the deal hadn’t finalized.  One of the key reasons was because all of the perks of the deal needed to be ironed out.  The contract is worth $240 Million over the next 10  years, with the dollar amount increasing with the years to provide incentives to stay healthy and keep trying.  But there are some serious perks that go along with this deal.  First off, Pujols must have a deluxe hotel suite for all road games.  Second, he will receive 4 season ticket packages over the next 10 years for friends and family.  He will also have a box for 10 games to host members of his foundation, and he will also have the right to actually purchase his own box between 1st and 3rd base.  It’s all part of a package from a team that knows Pujols’ skills and marketable value.  The Angels will be a very lucrative team going forward.


In the NFL, since there have been some coaching firings in the past 2 weeks, the number 1 contender for open spots is former long-time Titans coach Jeff Fisher.  Fisher kept the Titans competitive throughout the past decade, including bringing them to the Super Bowl in 1999. Last season, he stepped down from the organization saying it was time move on.  Now, he has been visiting a few teams, including the Miami Dolphins and now the St. Louis Rams.  Many think that he will decide between these two teams and possibly the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (who are in dire need of a serious turn around).  The major benefit of the Rams, however, is they have a stable franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford, and will also have the #2 overall pick in the draft, which the Rams could use to improve their defense.  Plus, the Rams were really banged up all season, and are most likely set for a comeback year next year (similar to the 49ers this season).  Plus, the Rams would allow Fisher to hire his own General Manager so he can work efficiently.  No decision yet, but he will most likely decide soon.

Finally, in college football, this is the time when players must declare for the NFL Draft.  However, two standouts this year have decieded it would be more beneficial to stay in school.  First, Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Landry Jones.  Remember, the NFL is a business, and as of now, Jones would most likely not be selected in the first round with top quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III on the board.  Plus, Jones had an above average, but not amazing season at Oklahoma, and he would benefit from a BCS Bowl Appearance next year.  Second, Wisconsin running-back Montee Ball.  Ball was a Heisman Candidate this year, but thinks staying at Wisconsin would help him get better and most likely make him a featured, talked-about running-back next season.  This year, people knew about him, but next year they will talk about him a lot, thus increasing his draft status.  We’ll see who else decides to stay or go in the coming 2 weeks.

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