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In the NFL,  some New York Jets players have been anything but quiet in the media about their dislike for current starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.   To the media, they said he was lazy because he has no fear of ever being benched.  Players also said that Sanchez was coddled by all the coaches and they were rarely tough on him . Right now the Jets are going to have to make due with Sanchez, but many don’t believe that the Jets can win a Super Bowl with him at the helm.  Will Peyton Manning suddenly become available?

In sports in general, a recent poll asked “Who Was The Most Popular Athlete In The Country?”  Was it Kobe Bryant?  LeBron James?  Albert Pujols?  Tom Brady?  Nope, the most popular athlete is Tim Tebow.  This is the guy that everyone is rooting for (or against) right now, but he is certainly the embodiment of an underdog story.  Coming out of college, he was selected in the 1st round, and everybody thought it was a mistake.  Then, they buried him on the bench, but thanks to a local media campaign (and the decline of Kyle Orton), he got his chance and the team went on a 6 game winning streak.  And then, after last weekend, with a remarkable playoff victory, Tebow’s stock is sky high.  Sure, there’s a religious element at play, but Tebow is definitely akin to God right now.

Finally, in college football, after thinking about it for a long time, it looks like Baylor quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III has made up his mind:  Stay in college or Go Pro?  It looks like he’s heading to the NFL.  Griffin said he really wanted to finish up his college degree, but he could always come back and earn that.  As of now, Griffin is projected as the #2 quarterback, with some people even thinking the Colts should take him with the #1 overall pick instead of Andrew Luck.  If the Colts do take Luck, it’s likely that the Rams would trade out of the #2 spot (because they already have Sam Bradford) and Griffin would still go with the 2nd overall pick to a team desperately looking for a QB (Maybe Miami).  Either way, he’ll have an exciting career in the pros.

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