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It was a very special day for baseball for two reasons:  (1) The All-Star Game.  Yep, it was time for the best of the National and American to go head to head.  Some all-star games are all about offensive power and prowess, but this one… was a defensive struggle.  The American League finally got on the board in the 5th when the Yankees Robinson Cano hit a sacrifice fly to bring the Rays’ Evan Longoria home.  But, in the 7th, the Atlanta Braves Brian McCann hit a strong double to drive in 3 runs.  At the end, the Dodgers dominant closer Jonathan Broxton took the mound and secured the victory for the National League.  NL 3, AL 1.

And the second reason… Yankees long-time owner George Steinbrenner (known as the Boss) died yesterday at the age of 80 from a massive heart attack.  Steinbrenner had a reputation for the last 30 years of being a shrewd businessman who fired people on the spot.  However, he also changed the game of baseball.  He was the one who returned the New York Yankees to their dominant position in baseball.  Before him, nobody thought you could build such a powerhouse team.  And throughout the 90s, and 00’s, Steinbrenner was the guy bringing all-star after all-star to New York.   He didn’t exactly play fair at times… but you have to respect his overwhelming drive to win. His personality was bigger than the game and he will surely be missed.


The Miami Heat are trying to surround their three superstars (Bosh, Wade, LeBron) with key role players.  Their latest addition, a former Cavalier — Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  Big ‘Z’ as LeBron dubbed him, was an important ingredient to the Cavs success.  He plays good defense, grabs rebounds, and will be able to dish the ball back out to Wade and LeBron for second chance opportunities.   We’ll see what else the Heat have up their sleeves this off-season.

Finally, while all the attention in the NBA is on Miami and Los Angeles, the Utah Jazz are quietly putting together a fantastic team.  They lost Carlos Boozer to the Chicago Bulls, but yesterday they added Al Jefferson from the Timberwolves.  Jefferson is a true star.  He’s young, grabs rebounds, and scores points.  Last year, he was injured.  This year, he’s expected to have a turn around season.  Putting him in Utah alongside one of the best point guards in Deron Williams should give the Jazz a shot of making some strong headway in the playoffs.

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