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The LeBron Watch:  “The Decision” (the hour long special Thursday night at 9;00 pm)  will finally put to rest the speculation as to where LeBron James will play next year. All indications so far point to him playing for the Miami Heat, but we’ll have to wait a few hours before knowing for sure. Although, DeWayne Wade and Chris Bosh both announced on Wednesday that they will commit to the Heat for next year.  If LeBron joins his buddies, the Heat should be unstoppable….and, can you imagine the crowds that will come out to watch these three amazing players?


Stephen Colbert (whom I think is one of the funniest comedians ever) reported  that now that the US was ousted from the World Cup, we don’t have to pay attention to soccer anymore. Well, I don’t know about you, but I think this World Cup has been a blast to watch and I can’t wait to see the Finals.

Wednesday’s semi-final match between Spain and Germany was another thrilling spectacle. After Spain’s Carles Puyol gracefully headed a corner kick in to the goal in the 73rd minute of the match, Germany’s fate was pretty much decided. The Team could not come back and Spain went on to win 1-0. Spain will now play the Netherlands in the finals on Sunday at 2:30 pm est. Ok, it’s not Super Bowl Sunday, but it will be an exciting afternoon!

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