In the World Cup, France was practically eliminated, but there was still hope given some fortunate circumstance.  France was the runner-up of the 2006 World Cup, but they have been plagued by poor chemistry this year.  One player, Nicolas Anelka, even had to be sent home after a dispute with the coach.  That was an embarrassment for the nation.  Well, they had one last chance to nab a win, but they would have to do it against another team battling for pride:  The Home Nation — South Africa.  The game was a hard fought battle, but two first half goals were all South Africa would need to secure the victory.  Unfortunately for both nations, the other two teams in the group, Mexico and Uruguay, advanced.  South Africa 2, France 1.

Elsewhere, Argentina looked to continue their hot streak.  They won their first two games, and hoped to make it perfect against a Greece team fighting to stay alive.  Argentina is home to what some say is the best player in the World Cup, Lionel Messi.  With him, they have been flying high, and show no signs of slowing down.  Well, the game was tied heading into the half, but two amazing second half goals from Martin Demichellis and Martin Palermo sealed the deal for the Argentines.  They easily advance to the Knockout Round.  Argentina 2, Greece 0.

And Wednesday, don’t miss the United States final first round game against Algeria at 10:00am ET.  If the United States wins, they advance to second round.  If they tie, they still advance if Slovenia beats England.  There are a few more circumstances, as this group is wide open, but the best case scenario is the U.S. controls its own fate and wins outright.  Making it to the Knockout Stage (i.e. tournament) portion of the World Cup is a tremendous achievement given the high-level of play involved.  Remember, these 32 teams weren’t randomly selected — they have had to win regional tournaments for the past year.  Thus making it to the Final 16 is remarkable.


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