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In the NBA, it was Game 2 of the Finals between the famous LA Lakers/Boston Celtics rivalry.  LA took Game 1 easily, absolutely crushing the Celtics, so you can trust the Celtics would be coming at the Lakers hard in Game 2.  Headed into the Game, Kobe Bryant was disturbed because of all the attention LeBron James is getting concerning his free agency.  Kobe came right out and said it, “I don’t give a [bleep] where he plays”.  After all, a free agent move shouldn’t overshadow the Finals, as winning rings is what its all about.

Well, the Celtics came out hard and strong.  The man of the first half was Ray Allen.  He had 7 3-pointers in the first half alone.  That’s an NBA Finals record.  He couldn’t be stopped.  The Lakers trailed by 9 with just 1 second left in the first half, but Kobe made a great steal and nailed a buzzer beater to put the Lakers down by 6.  To be down by only 6 points at the half after playing so terribly was a blessing for LA.

But, in the second half, the Celtics show continued.  Now it became the Rajon Rondo show.  He finished the night with a Triple-Double (19 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists).  On the other end, the Lakers just couldn’t get the spark they had in Game 1.  Kobe only had 25 on the night, and the guy that usually picks up the slack, Pau Gasol, had just 21 points.  This series is indicative of the NBA playoffs this year:  Completely unpredictable.  Game 1 seemed like the Lakers had Boston’s number and the series would be close to a sweep.  Game 2 looked like Boston was in complete control and were too savvy for the Lakeshow.  Either way, the next 3 games are in Boston, and with the mystery of this series, who knows, the Lakers could nab all 3 road games.  Boston 103, LA Lakers 94.

And in other Celtic related news, their assistant coach Tom Thibideau, who is known as a defensive mastermind, locked down a job as a head coach next year.  His new home:  Chicago, as the Bulls are hoping that Thibideau’s arrival coupled with his excellent reputation will help lure the big name free agents early.  Chicago thinks they still have a great chance at nabbing LeBron and they want to make their home look as inviting as possible.  Smart move by Chicago.


And in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Chicago Blackhawks were in a dead heat with the Philadelphia Flyers.  With the series tied at 2 games a piece, the Blackhawks were hoping to show their dominance in Game 5.  The hero for the Blackhawks:  Dustin Byfuglien.  He has been terrific throughout the playoffs and had two goals on the night to help secure the series lead.  Chicago can close it out with just one more win, which would return the Blackhawks to the hockey prominence they had in the early 90s.  Chicago 7, Philadelphia 4.

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