In the NBA, it was Game 3 of the Finals between the Lakers and Celtics.  Many felt this game would sway the series.  A Celtics win would give them a 2-game winning streak momentum, and a Lakers win would gain back home-court advantage in the series.  How would it all play out?

Well, the Lakers got up early, and maintained the lead until the end of the first half.  Kobe was playing well and the Lakers were clicking.  But, in true Boston fashion, the Celtics crept back into the game in the third quarter.  They got a fantastic night out of Kevin Garnett (25 points, 6 rebounds).  And in the 4th quarter, the Celtics found themselves down only by 1.  More importantly, Kobe went cold in the 4th — who was going to step up?  The answer:  the other 4-time Laker champion Derek Fisher.  He hit some amazing clutch shots down the stretch, including a lay-up AND THE FOUL with 3 Celtics trying to stop him.  And with the late surge, the Lakers nabbed the road win and now lead 2-1 in the Finals.  LA Lakers 91, Boston 84.


Yesterday marked the debut of Washington Nationals much hyped #1 draft pick Stephen Strasburg.  The stadium was completely sold out, and you would think it was a holiday in the baseball world.  This seemingly meaningless game between the Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates received heavy analysis on TV and was shown as the prime time game.  Fortunately, Strasburg WOULD NOT disappoint.  He was scary amazing, throwing 14 strikeouts in his major league debut.  This kid is the real deal and should quickly become the best pitcher in the league.  It was simply a WOW! moment.  Plus, the Nationals offense got him the win.  You can bet it will be a packed house for the next Strasburg outing.  Washington 5, Pittsburgh 2.


Finally, in some funny news, one of the Seattle Seahawks top draft picks, Notre Dame wide-receiver, Golden Tate, has an addiction to maple bars.  So much so that he snuck in after hours to the Top Pot Donuts store at the bottom of his apartment complex, and took a few of them.  The door was open because some employees were there late, but Tate figured he could go in there and just help himself.  Obviously, this is very embarrassing for Tate.  He received a warning, but did say “If you want great maple bars — Top Pot is the place to go”.  Now that’s good local publicity.

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