In college basketball, it was time to trim the Elite 8 down to the Final Four.

First up, Cinderella #11 Dayton took on the #1 overall seed Florida.  And unfortunately for the Flyers, this is where the dance ended.  The game stayed close for a while, but then Florida’s sheer athleticism took over and they punched their ticket to the big dance.  But what a great advertising opportunity for the Dayton flyers who will surely be a competitor going forward.  Florida 62, Dayton 52.

Then, it was #2 Wisconsin vs. #1 Arizona.  This game was anybody’s guess, as Wisconsin is playing phenomenal basketball right now behind their 7’0 superstar Frank Kaminsky.  This game was knotted until the end.  Wisconsin held the lead, but Arizona had one more chance to try to win it.  They gave it to their best player, Nick Johnson, he drove, and was correctly called for an offensive foul.  And that offensive foul ended a fantastic season for the Wildcats, who have once again emerged as a top team in college basketball.  But, this year, the Badgers march on to the Final Four.  Wisconsin 64, Arizona 63.

Then, it was #4 Michigan State (heavily favored to win it all) taking on #7 UCONN and their superstar Shabazz Napier.  UCONN is trying to do what Kemba Walker did with UCONN in 2011.  That team got hot, and Kemba Walker led them to a National Championship as a #3 seed.  But they would have to take down Michigan State.  Towards the end it looked like State might pull away, but just the oppositte happened, and UCONN went on a tear.  Plus, it didn’t help the Spartans cause that this game was played in Madison Square Garden, which is pretty much a home game for UCONN.  The crowd was going crazy.   They pulled off the upset, and will now face the Florida Gators in the Final Four.  UCONN 60, Florida 54.

Finally, it was the much anticipated match-up between #8 Kentucky and #2 Michigan.  No one has given the Wolverines much credit in this tournament, probably because they got so much attention with their run last season.  But this team is just as good.  Michigan was leading late in the second half, but the Wildcats simply would not die.  They held in there.  Then, with the clock winding down on the game, Aaron Harrison hit a deep three pointer to give the Wildcats a 3-point lead with just 2.3 second left.  A very gutsy shot.  Michigan couldn’t convert, and the Kentucky team that is finally gelling with all their blue chip recruits is headed to Dallas in the Final Four to take on Wisconsin.  Kentucky 75, Michigan 72.

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