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Warriors Pummel Spurs, Celtics #1 Pick In Lottery, Mike And Mike Announce Split


The Golden State Warriors pummeled the San Antonio Spurs in game 2 of the Western Conference finals. With Kawhi Leonard out with an ankle sprain, the Spurs looked helpless and fell behind 16-33 by the end of the first quarter and 44-72 by the half. The Warriors now lead the series 2-0 and head to San Antonio for game 3. Warriors 136, Spurs 100.

The Boston Celtics got the #1 pick (thanks to a trade with the Brooklyn Nets) in the 2017 NBA draft lottery. The Los Angeles Lakers will get the #2 pick and Philadelphia 76ers will pick at #3.


ESPN’s talented morning duo, Mike and Mike, are moving on after nearly 19 years working with each other. As of January 1st, 2018, Mike Greenberg will host a morning show (with different co-hosts and guests) from 7-10 am on ESPN airing again at 10:00 am on ESPN2, while Mike Golic will co-host a morning drive program with Trey Wingo and his son Mike Golic Jr. Greenberg stated, “One of the many benefits of working at ESPN is that change and evolution are in our DNA. My run with Golic has been an incredible experience that I’ll always treasure, but having the chance to engage multiple voices every morning in a dialogue on each day’s sports stories will be a great new challenge.”

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Favorite Show-Mike And Mike Mention This Am

Mike and MikeAlmost fell off my chair hearing my name mentioned on my favorite show “Mike and Mike” this morning. It’s at the 48.01 mark.

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Raiders Stun Chiefs, Blount To Patriots, Bills And Jets Play, Golic’s Butt Photo


In the NFL, it was Thursday Night Football between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders.  The Chiefs are red-hot right now.  They are tied for 1st place in the AFC West with Denver, and they just beat the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.  Plus, next week they have a showdown with Denver for a game that will definitely be important come playoff time.  Oakland, on the other hand, was 0-10 coming into this game, and nobody expected them to do anything spectacular.  You know what that means… TRAP GAME!!!

Yep, Kansas City definitely overlooked their meager opponent coming into the game.  They were already thinking about Denver, but Oakland takes this rivalry seriously, and there was a packed house in Oakland to root on the struggling Raiders.  The Raiders jumped out to a big lead thanks to an awesome rushing performance from LaTavius Murray.  Unfortunately, Murphy got a concussion and had to leave the game, but he instilled the “We Can Do It” attitude in the Raiders that they would use to get the win against the Chiefs.  They now have the winless monkey off of their back.  Oakland 24, Kansas City 20.

Elsewhere in the NFL, just one day after LeGarrett Blount was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers for “having a bad attitude”, his old team, the New England Patriots picked him up off waivers.  They are hoping that he won’t bring his negative energy to their organization, and that he will give them the running back depth they need headed into the playoffs.  Blount had a lot of success with the Pats last year, and they believe they know how to use him.

In a follow-up story, it looks like the Bills and the Jets WILL actually play this week.  But it won’t be on Sunday, it won’t be in Buffalo (because of the snow) and it won’t be in New York (because that wouldn’t be fair).  The game will actually be played on Monday night… in Detroit.  Detroit has an indoor stadium.

Mike GolicAnd finally, woke up to one of the funniest sights this morning….Mike Golic of Mike and Mike in the morning posing like Kim Kardashian’s magazine cover. Golic lost a bet to Greenberg when Northwestern (Greenberg’s alma mater) beat Notre Dame (Golic’s alma mater) and this was one of his punishments. For a full view (not that you want it) click here.

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