NBA Retiring Bill Russell’s #6 Jersey, Durant Interested In Sixers, Harry Caray Appears At Field Of Dreams Game


The NBA is retiring Bill Russell’s #6 jersey. Russell, who passed away a few weeks ago, will become the first NBA player to have his number retired. Any current NBA player wearing #6 is grandfathered in and won’t have to change jersey numbers. That list famously includes LeBron James. Baseball’s Jackie Robinson (#42) and Hockey’s Wayne Gretzky (#99) have also had their jerseys retired.

In other basketball news, Kevin Durant trade rumors continue. The Brooklyn Net star is now considering a trade to the Philadelphia 76ers (in addition to saying a couple of days ago he’d entertain a deal with the Boston Celtics).


The Chicago Cubs beat the Cincinnati Reds in the second annual “Field of Dreams” game in Iowa Thursday night. The game, like the movie “Field of Dreams“, had many generational moments and field good themes. One of the highlights was a hologram of the late Harry Caray singing his signature “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. It was scarily realistic. Check it out here.


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