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“The Cart” Heads To SB, Dolphins Hire 49ers OC, Olympics Down 43%, Russian Lands First Quad Axel


“The Cart” is making its way to the Super Bowl and even has its own social media release leading up to the trip. “The Cart” is exactly what you think…a three-tiered contraption that was wheeled out for outdoor media conferences during COVID and went viral.

The Miami Dolphins hired former San Francisco 49ers’ Offensive Coordinator Mike McDaniel as their new Head Coach.


Friday’s Opening Ceremony drew only 16 million, down 43% from 4 years ago. The athletes are complaining about the bitter cold and the inedible food at the quarantine hotels.

In other Olympic news, Russia’s 15-year-old Kamila Valiyeva is the first woman to successfully land a quad axel in an Olympic game (and she landed two).

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