Terrell Owens To Replace Brown, Fans Of Jets/Giants Sue Over NY Status, Irving Makes Season Debut, Djokovic Detained


On his recent podcast, Terrell Owens, the Hall of Fame wide receiver, said he believes he can replace Antonio Brown on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since it would only be three or four games and not a full season, the 48-year old Owens believes that even after 11 years out of the League he’s still physically ready to play.

In other football news, fans of the NY Jets and NY Giants sued the NFL (as well as the Jets and Giants) for using the New York name and brand while not actually playing in New York. The two teams play at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, so the fans are suing for “false advertising, deceptive practices, and racketeering.” They are asking for financial damages and an ultimatum that the teams return to New York in 2025.


The Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving finally made his season debut Wednesday night against the Indiana Pacers. Irving isn’t allowed to play home games for the Nets because he’s refused to get vaccinated, but he’s eligible to play most road games. Kyrie contributed 22 points in 32 minutes for the Nets’ 129-121 win over the Pacers.


In more COVID vaccine news, the world’s #1 player Novak Djokovic received an exemption from the Australian Open to fly to Melbourne for the tournament. Upon arriving at the airport, officials detained him, and the Australian government weighed in, saying his visa doesn’t allow for medical exemptions to the vaccine. He is currently detained at a hotel for refugees while his lawyers look into his case.




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