Cost Of Tokyo Olympics, Welcome Seattle Kraken, LeBron Earns $1 Billion, Warner Signs Record Deal W/49ers, NFL’s New Vaccine Policy


According to reports, the Tokyo Olympics will cost approximately $28 billion, and with no spectators, revenues will take an automatic $1 billion hit from lost ticket sales.  To put the financials in perspective and to showcase what a financial loss Tokyo will likely endure, the 2008 Beijing Olympics cost $45 billion with revenues of only $3.6 billion.


The Seattle Kraken is the NHL’s newest franchise. They held an expansion draft this week and tonight will have the second pick in the amateur draft.


LeBron James made history again by becoming the first NBA player to earn $1 billion in his career.


Fred Warner is now the highest-paid inside linebacker in NFL history after signing a five-year $95 million extension with the San Francisco 49ers.

In other NFL news, the League is coming down hard on unvaccinated individuals stating that “If a game can’t be played due to an outbreak among unvaccinated players/staff this upcoming season — and the NFL can’t find a suitable date to reschedule — the team responsible will forfeit and both teams will lose their game checks.”

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