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Alex Smith Retiring, Super League Shaking Up Soccer, Curry Drops 49 Points


Quarterback Alex Smith announced he’s retiring. After a life-threatening injury and a miraculous recovery, The former #1 overall draft pick returned to the field last season to play for the Washington Team where he led them to a 5-1 record as its starter.


A group of 12 Elite European soccer clubs shook up the sports world when they announced the creation of a Super League. The new League will start with six clubs from England’s Premier League and six from Spain and Italy, with the ultimate goal of 15 permanent teams. UEFA (European soccer’s governing body) has expressed outrage at the idea and released a statement saying it’s a “cynical project’ that they intend to shut down.” The Super League intends to distribute a significantly higher sum (than they would get from winning the Champions League) to the players for just participating in this League.


Steph Curry continues to rack in the points. In a 107-96 win over his brother Seth and the Philadelphia 76ers, Curry scored 49 points, making him “the first player in NBA history age 33 or older to score 30 plus points in 11 straight games.”

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