Kyrie Irving Wants To Boycott Season To Focus On Racism, ESPN All-Time Low


The NBA plans to restart the season this summer in Florida at the Disney Complex. Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving made a plea to boycott the rest of the season to focus on getting rid of systemic racism. Irving expressed his concern that sports would be a “distraction” and doesn’t want to “distract from the more important Black Lives Matter agenda”. Seventy-four percent of NBA players are black. Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers responded on Instagram saying,  “I love Kyrie’s passion towards helping this movement. It’s admirable and inspiring. I’m with it… but in the right way and not at the cost of the whole NBA and players careers.” According to ESPN, NBA players could lose $1.2 billion in salary this season if they don’t play.

Speaking of ESPN, in the entire history of the network (41 years), the ratings have never been this low. According to Outkick, “the network, which has become more left wing than MSNBC and CNN combined over the past several weeks, has completely abandoned sports coverage. The result? Viewers, many of whom were willing to watch the channel even during a pandemic disaster with limited sports to consume, have abandoned it in droves.”



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