Harris/Blitzer Interest In Mets, MLB’s Latest Proposal


According to reports, Josh Harris and David Blitzer have an interest in buying the New York Mets. Harris is the principal owner of the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia 76ers, and Blitzer is the minority owner of both teams.  The report, while acknowledging its findings are in the early stages, also mentions that the Wilpons (current owners of the Mets) might be willing to part with their television network, SNY, allowing Harris and Blitzer to merge their other sports franchises into one “superregional” network.

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) continue to try and hash out an agreement for a modified 2020 season. In the League’s latest proposal, the teams would have a 76-game regular season ending on September 27th with a postseason ending in late October. The proposal also specifies a 75% prorated salary which basically comes out to the same percentage the players have already rejected.



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