U.S. Soccer President Claims Women Fewer Responsibilities, CBA Signed, Tannehill’s $91 Mill, Modell’s CEO Blames Jets/Giants


Carlos Cordeiro resigned as President of the U.S. Soccer Federation after claiming the women’s team had “fewer responsibilities than their male colleagues.” He used this rationale as a reason for women getting paid less than their male colleagues. Cindy Parlow Cone will take over and become the first woman president of U.S. Soccer in its 107 years of existence.


NFL players voted to ratify the collective bargaining agreement with the league’s team owners. The CBA takes effect in 2021. The new agreement guarantees 10 more years of peace between the NFL and the National Football League Players Association. Here are a few highlights:

  • A 16-game regular season in 2020 with an expanded postseason from 12-14 teams
  • In 2021, the NFL regular season could be expanded from 16-17 games
  • The preseason will be reduced, likely to three games per team
  • Player-friendly changes to the sports disciplinary system and marijuana policy

In other NFL news, quarterback Ryan Tannehill agreed to a new deal with the Tennessee Titans that will pay him $118 million over 4 years with $91 million guaranteed.


The sporting goods retailer Modell’s is filing for bankruptcy. The CEO partially blamed weak jersey sales on the NY Jets and NY Giants being terrible.

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