NBA Suspends Games After Gobert Tests Positive, CBA Tells Players To Return Or Be Banned, March Madness No Fans


Wednesday in the NBA felt surreal. The League met in the morning to discuss whether teams should play in arenas without fans. Then Wednesday night at the beginning of the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder game, the NBA was forced to suspend the season until further notice. Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert (who mocked the hype around the Coronavirus a few days earlier by touching microphones around him) found out he tested positive for COVID-19 just prior to the start of the game. Gobert wasn’t in the arena, but the game was immediately postponed. The NBA then announced they would indefinitely suspend the season.

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) doesn’t understand the environment. They’ve issued a memo demanding American players return to China to finish out the season. In the memo, they state that those players who refuse to return will be banned for a lifetime from the CBA.

March Madness will be very quiet this year. The NCAA announced the men’s and women’s tournament would be played without fans in the arena.


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