Embiid Only Missing A Week, Twitter Loves Burrow’s Small Hands


The Philadelphia 76ers got some good news on Thursday when they heard their star Center Joel Embiid had structural damage to his shoulder and will only miss a week.


The twitter universe went wild this week after ESPN reported quarterback and potential #1 pick in the NFL draft Joe Burrow had small hands. The NFL Combine is a week-long “tryout” where college football players are on display performing physical and mental tests. Apparently, the scouts also measure parts of your body. Burrow’s hand measured in at 9 inches, but according to reports, that is subpar for a quarterback (the average non-athlete hand measures around 8.5). Thankfully, Burrow has a sense of humor and wrote on twitter, “Considering retirement after I was informed the football will be slipping out of my tiny hands. Please keep me in your thoughts.” Other twitter followers posted small hand memes and jokes. My favorite was a picture of Kristen Wiig’s Dooneese.

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