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Mahomes Dreams Of Disney World, Josh Jacobs Tough, Brooks Wants Iguodala Gone


At 17 years old, Patrick Mahomes tweeted “I bet it feels amazing to be the quarterback who says, ‘I’m going to Disney World,’ after winning the Super Bowl.#QBs”. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback got his wish on Sunday night after he was announced the Super Bowl MVP. In an interview after the game he said, “When I won the game and they came up and told me [I’d won the MVP], it was amazing — just to be able to say those words and to be here now. … I tried to dream it, and I tweeted it, and I kinda spoke it into existence.”

Everyone is still talking about the best and worst Super Bowl ads. I just saw the full spot for Kia’s “Tough Never Quits” ad and it’s worth watching (although be prepared for some waterworks). The ad follows Raiders running back Josh Jacobs and his incredible story of growing up homeless.


Memphis Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks did not mince words when asked about disgruntled teammate Andre Iguodala. Iguodala hasn’t played for the Grizzlies this season and is awaiting word on which team will be picking up his contract after Thursday’s trade deadline. Brooks vented, “A guy that’s on our team that doesn’t want to be on our team. I can’t wait ’til we find a way to trade him so we can play him and show him what really Memphis is about.”

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