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Packers Edge Lions With Frustrating Officiating, Nationals Up 3-0


The Green Bay Packers narrowly beat the Detroit Lions Monday night, but all anyone is speaking about is the officiating, specifically the call on the Lions’ Trey Flowers for illegal use of hands.  Former players, sportscasters, and legends of the game weighed in with their frustrations. Hall of Famer Barry Sanders tweeted, “That is sickening… the @NFL needs to look at a way to prevent that from happening. Two phantom hands to the face calls really hurts us tonight. Yes, we could have scored TDs, but @Lions played too well to have the game end this way.” Packers 23, Lions 22


With a big win on Monday night, the Washington Nationals are up 3-0 over the St. Louis Cardinals and one win away from heading to the World Series for their first appearance in 86 years.

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