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Week 4 NFL-Jones Continues To Impress, Minshew Mania, Newsom’s Athlete Bill, MLB Postseason


After week 4 of the NFL, the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs are unbeaten while the Cincinnati Bengals can’t win a game. The New York Giants’ rookie quarterback Daniel Jones continues to impress with a big win over the Washington Redskins. And, with Minshew Mania (Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardiner Minshew II) energizing the team, the Jags defeated the Broncos for a 2-2 on the season.

In college football, USA Today re-ranked the top five teams, and Alabama grabbed the #1 slot while Ohio State took #2. Clemson dropped from #1 to #3 after a rough game against North Carolina. They eked out a win, but it wasn’t pretty. LSU and Georgia take the #4 and #5 spots.

In other college news, California Governor Gavin Newsom introduced a new bill to allow college athletes to hire agents in order to generate money from endorsements. The controversial law goes against the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s belief that college athletes should “earn a degree, not money, for playing sports”.  Newsom told The New York Times the law is “a big move to expose the farce and to challenge a system that is outsized in its capacity to push back.” The law will take effect in 2023.


Major League Baseball’s postseason is set. For the full schedule and the bracket for the playoffs, click here.





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