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LeBron Emotional As He Passes Jordan In All-Time Points


The LA Lakers are almost definitely not going to be appearing in the post-season, but LeBron James is still making history. On Wednesday night, he passed Michael Jordan on the all-time points list, scoring his 32,292th point in his career. LeBron now ranks 4th in all-time scoring, behind #1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), #2 Karl Malone (36,928), and #3 Kobe Bryant (33,643). The top four have all played at one point in their careers for the Lakers.  James reflected on his accomplishment and said, “Of all the stuff I’ve done in my career, this ranks right up there at the top with winning a championship. For a kid from Akron, Ohio, that needed inspiration and needed some type of positive influence, MJ was that guy for me. I watched him from afar, wanted to be like MJ, wanted to shoot fadeaways like MJ, wanted to stick my tongue out on dunks like MJ, wanted to wear my sneakers like MJ. I wanted kids to look up to me at some point like MJ and it’s just crazy, to be honest. It’s beyond crazy.”



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