Puig’s Dodgers Will Win Pennant While Pouring Beer, Kyrie’s Earth is Flat Apology, Mahomes Left Hander, Bell To Steelers Week 7


Holding three beers in his hand after the Dodgers beat the Colorado Rockies and clinched as National League Champions, Yasiel Puig expressed confidence his team will not just make the World Series but will win it. “Hey, Atlanta. I’ll see you soon, baby! And the next round — Chicago, Colorado — no matter who’s going, we’re going to beat ’em. And we’re going to the World Series again. And this time, we’re going to win the World Series. 2018 — the big party is here in Los Angeles.” After the interview, Puig soaked the reporter with beer!


Remember when Kyrie Irving started an “Earth is flat” movement? Well, now he’s apologizing saying he didn’t “realize the effect of the power of voice” adding he was “huge into conspiracies”, and “he’s actually a smart-ass individual”.


The Kansas City Chiefs remain the only unbeaten team in the AFC. After their win on Monday night football over the Denver Broncos, everyone is talking about the stellar play of Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes who set a record of 13 touchdown passes in his first three weeks. On Monday night, even though he didn’t have quite the same stats as his previous games, he switched the ball to his left hand and completed a pass to Tyreek Hill. Teammate Kareem Hunt even called Mahomes a “magician” for that feat. Chiefs 27, Broncos 23.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported running back Le’Veon Bell will report to the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 7. He explained why he is sitting out the first part of the season, “It sucks having to sit out football. I want to play. I want to win games and get to the playoffs. But I’ve gotta take this stand. Knowing my worth and knowing I can tear a ligament or get surgery at any time. I knew I couldn’t play 16 games with 400 or more touches.”


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