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Celtics Take 2-0 Lead Over Cavs, Suns #1 Pick In Lottery, Glover’s Wife Arrested


The Boston Celtics took a 2-0 Eastern Conference series lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, even though LeBron finished the night with a triple double of 42 points 10 rebounds and 12 assists. At one point the Cavs were up by 11 points, but then the Celtics defense took over, and the Cavs couldn’t respond. The next two games will be in Cleveland starting Saturday night so the Cavs will have some time to reflect and continue the series with their home crowd. The Celtics, however, have never lost a best of seven series when they’re up two games to one. Celtics 107, Cavaliers 94.

The Phoenix Suns can celebrate as they got the #1 pick in the NBA lottery for the first time ever.


Former US Open champion Lucas Glover didn’t make the cut at the Player’s Championship tournament last weekend, but that wasn’t the worst of his problems. According to reports, his wife Krista was upset with how he played (calling him a “loser”) and got into an altercation with him and his mom. Krista was arrested on domestic abuse charges, but neither Lucas or his mom are pressing charges.

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