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Indians Remove Chief Wahoo, Brady Leaves Interview Over Daughter, Brady’s Man Crushes


Major League Baseball announced the Cleveland Indians will remove the controversial Chief Wahoo from the uniforms beginning in the 2019 season. The logo has been used since 1947,  but over the last few years the public outcry against the logo has become intense. Indians owner Paul Dolan said, “While we recognize many of our fans have a long-standing attachment to Chief Wahoo, I’m ultimately in agreement with Commissioner Manfred’s desire to remove the logo from our uniforms in 2019.” Many fans were pleased with the announcement, but some felt it wasn’t enough. They want the team to remove “Indians” from the name. With the logo change-up, the NFL and the Washington Redskins are now receiving renewed attention for their name and logo.


Tom Brady abruptly left an interview on Monday when the radio host said a disparaging remark about his daughter, but claims he doesn’t want the host fired. On “Kirk & Callahan” on WEEI radio, guest host Alex Reimer was commenting on the “Tom vs Time” documentary on Facebook.  Reimer said, “It was fine. It was okay. All right, I thought the first scene was so staged, where Brady’s like in the kitchen, his kid’s being an annoying little pissant…”.Tom clearly didn’t like his little girl being called “an annoying little pissant” so he left the show and said he wasn’t sure he’d come back anytime soon. Reimer has been suspended indefinitely but Brady doesn’t want him fired. He said, “Look, I think we all go through our life and sometimes we say things we shouldn’t say or make mistakes, and that happens. I can express it and you move on.”

On a lighter note, Brady was mobbed by the media on Monday and answered some fun questions such as “who is his man crush”. Brady replied, “Man. I’d say Jules (Julian Edelman), Danny (Amendola) and Gronk (Rob Gronkowski). Those guys are pretty good looking guys. None of them are married, either. Can you imagine that? Justin Timberlake. I love Justin a lot, too.”

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