LeBron Youngest To Score 30,000 Points


LeBron James joined an exclusive group of superstars on Tuesday night by recording his 30,000th career regular season point. He’s also the youngest player to reach this milestone. LeBron joins  Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Dirk Nowitzki in the 3o,000 club. LeBron described the feeling by saying,”Just a special moment. I just started thinking about everything. My journey from being a kid who first picked up a basketball when I was 5 years old to first playing organized basketball when I was 9 all the way up to this point.  I give a lot of thanks to a lot of people. This is a special moment. It’s something I never set out to do. I’m not even a score-first guy when it comes to playing basketball. I love getting my teammates involved and seeing my teammates be excited about scoring and me getting the assist and things of that nature.” The Cavaliers put out a video with a number of people congratulating LeBron. Towards the end of the video, LeBron’s kids share how proud they are!

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