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Football Still Most Popular Sport, Golf And Rodeo Tied, Le ‘Veon Bell May Sit Or Retire


There has been a lot written this year about the decline of the popularity of the NFL, but a recent gallop poll showed that even though football has slipped from a 43% in popularity to 37%, it’s still ranked higher than any other sport. Basketball was favored by 11 of the respondents while baseball weighed in at 9%. Baseball dropped significantly and is only 2% higher than soccer. Other sports in the survey included ice hockey at 4 %, auto racing and tennis tied at 2 %. And for golf fans, the sport’s popularity is only at 1%, tied with motocross and rodeo.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing in the divisional round of the playoffs against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon, but their star running back, Le ‘Veon Bell, making news by telling ESPN he may sit out a year or even retire if the Steelers put the franchise tag on him for the second year in a row. Bell made $12.1 million last year but believes he should be making more and wants the franchise to recognize his value. “Just get the numbers straight, exactly where we want them. I’m not going to settle for anything,” Bell said. “I know what I do and what I bring to the table. I’m not going out here getting the ball 400 times if I’m not getting what I feel I’m valued at.” The team has until March 6th to designate their franchise players.

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