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Corruption Charges Agst Basketball Assistants, Wade To Sign With Cavs, DirecTV Offers Refunds For Anthem


Federal prosecutors in New York are charging four basketball assistant coaches from Division 1 schools (Oklahoma State, Auburn, Arizona and USC) with corruption for accepting bribes in exchange for steering basketball players towards agents, advisors, and apparel companies (specifically Adidas who is accused of paying recruits to sign deals when they turn pro). The FBI has stated this investigation is ongoing and many more individuals and companies could be exposed.

Former Chicago Bulls All-Star, Dwayne Wade, plans to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers when he clears wavers on Wednesday. According to reports, he will sign for a one year veterans minimum of $2.3 million to play alongside his pal, LeBron James.


DirectTV is offering refunds for fans who are interested in canceling their NFL Sunday Ticket package if they say they are canceling due to the national anthem protests. It’s unclear how many fans are canceling, but one fan who called DirecTV  said,  “I explained to them I was tired of politics in sports, and it’s not how I want to spend my Sunday, watching all that transpire.” According to the fan, the DirecTV representative “insinuated there was a high volume of calls calling into cancel.”



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